Follow given simple steps and be A WISE MISER!!!

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  • Follow given simple steps and be A WISE MISER!!!

    Follow given simple steps and be A WISE MISER!!!

    The lack of money is the root of all evil !! Saying is true, especially if you are planning for an affordable vacation. Every day, expenses are increasing and every traveller needs to make a wise decision.

    Follow given simple steps and be A WISE MISER!!!


    Choose a location which is near and fit in your budget

    Try and avoid choosing a far place, Nearer destinations can even bring Smile on your FACE and can be easily fit in your budget. Online shopping will help you in digging accurate information about the location and expenses. In case you are unable to find any nearby location or accurate information in regards to your future destination, Can contact Travel Agents and grab a bargain. But still it would be better to keep your options open.


    Off-season vacation can save your money

    Off season deals are always available for popular destinations. You can easily find low cost travel package and accommodation options. So keeping season in mind can help in choosing your vacation spot.


    Try Cheap accommodations, A Monastery, House Swap or Youth Hostels

    Apart from booking expensive hotels or high-end resorts, try and choose to stay in a convent or monastery. It may be hard for you to locate monasteries and convents but information can be provided in destination guides and even locals can help you. There are monasteries that are serving for free. Cheapest choice and you can save your pocket from a burning hole. Convents and monasteries can ask for a little donations (Which is worth giving after ) but it may completely depend on you to pay or refuse. House exchange or swapping is another good choice to save money. There are websites available, who ask you for minimal annual charges and offer swapping option. It’s worth becoming a member and enjoy your holidays with less payment.


    Frequent flyer points and discount vouchers can give a comfort as well

    If you are member of any particular airlines frequent flyer programme, you can utilise your points for upgrades or Lounge Usage . Similarly you can avail flight discount coupons, while making your final flight booking. Also eateries and restaurants promote their chains by providing discounts coupons to their customers. If you are having such coupons, use them to get discount on your meals and breakfasts. Also Travel agencies offer reward points that you can be utilise during your vacation.

    Compare to save, before making any decision.  you should compare fares and charges and get as much as information as you can for date change and cancelation policies. Since everything is available online, you can easily compare prices and choose the cheapest available fare. Still it’s always good to go as a traditional way and speak to a travel service provider on phone for more information.

    Reading reviews of hotels is must so that you have a bit of idea about their services and price. As per your requirements and budget, make a wise decision and choose the best service provider at lower price.

    If you have more suggestions, please share them with us.

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