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  • Bored of this 9-5 life..Its time for Bag Packing

    Bored of this 9-5 life..Its time for Bag Packing

    Travel this beautiful world and explore exciting new destinations and experience life time adventure. That’s the best way to fulfil your dreams. So the decision has been made up and I am sure you all geared up for this life changing trip.. WHATS’S NOW?

    Don’t be confused here are few tips from top back packers, to help you get things in synch.

    Be in touch with people who have already done it- Use social media connections and you will probably notice that you are not the only one who wants to pack a bag and leave, so why not seek advice from friends or people in circle who have done just that. Find out more about their experiences, they may even be in or have been to the places you want to visit.

    Do your research- Before you head towards the decided destination, It’s important to give yourself an idea of what kind of places you are going to. so gather brief information of what to expect and how to behave. Find out things like the do’s and do not’s of each place, cultural norms & things to do.

    Travel insurance is MUST- It is most essential gear for any type of trip, without scaring you, Future is unpredictable and nobody knows what is going to happen so make sure you are prepared and covered in case the worst thing happen. Insurance can cover you for a variety of activities, loss of baggage and loss of money so it’s definitely worth getting, try using a comparison website to help you find the cheapest quote or get in touch with your travel agent.

    Invest in a decent backpack-This bag will need to endure being chucked around and much more, so you want something that is going to be durable, fit your body well and be supportive on your back. So don’t hold back on the pennies/cents too much on this one!

    Medication- Book an appointment with your doctor before the journey begins and tell them the places in your list of visiting, that way they can inform you of what injections/medication you may need. Try to do this at least 6 weeks prior to your departure date, as some injections need to be spread out over a period of time.

    Choose the right bank for you-Choosing the right bank for you to support your travels can be confusing but do your research and try and go with a bank with good abroad rates.

    Visas- Make sure to find out which Visas you need before entering the countries of your choice. Some countries require you to purchase your Visas in your country before you embark on your trip and others you can just do when you get to their border.

    Pack light- Only pack the essentials because you usually end up chucking things away anyway to keep your bag light.

    Go with the flow- It’s important to plan in advance for some things on your trip to avoid unnecessary drama and stress however it’s also important not to plan too much in advance, otherwise you will end up limiting yourself. After all travelling is meant to be a time of freedom and a journey of exploration, so you want to be as flexible as possible.

    Have fun-This is really what it’s all about. Go make friends, get inspired & make those amazing memories.

    Life is too short for regrets, so whatever age you are in go and fulfil your dream and explore this beautiful world.

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