Avoid any luggage fees, giving you a little peace of mind

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  • Avoid any luggage fees, giving you a little peace of mind.

    Avoid any luggage fees, giving you a little peace of mind.

    Wants to keep Luggage fees affordable !!! Let’s share some IDEAS Pre-Purchase Research:

    If you are flexible with regards to airline carriers, then you should start your search different airline luggage policies before booking your flight. There are airlines allow a few free checked bags, while few others make you pay a modest fee even for a single bag. If your airport of choice has a few different carriers you could save a lot of money, Just a little research require before purchasing your flight.

    Gate Checks:

    Please check if your flight is eligible for Gate Check or not. If YESS !! Than take your luggage straight to your boarding gate and then ask officials to check it there. They will put your luggage in another designated area and return it back upon your arrival. Please be sure and check, if there is any fees or sort of restrictions associated with this option for the chosen airline. Another benefit to this option is that you don’t have to wait at the baggage claim area.


    Most airlines allow each passenger one carry-on and one personal item such as a backpack or purse while boarding. Strategically pack your bags and take advantage by carrying most of your items and you may not even need additional luggage! Bear in mind, that all carry-ons need to be able to fit in the overhead bin and Personal items are required to fit beneath the seat in front of you. Again, please make sure you observe dimension and weight requirements by your airline, especially low cost carriers.

    Weigh Your Luggage:

    before you arrive at the airport by following this you can avoid extra baggage fees. Use a regular household scale or buy a luggage scale for more accuracy. Every airline have a weight requirement for checked luggage and strictly charge you if your bag is overweight. If you feel that your bag still too heavy? Use your scale and mix and match items between your check in carry on until you reached on the desired weight required.

    Shipping Your Luggage:

    is a good IDEA as well and saves you the trouble of carrying it around and the possibility of it getting lost or theft. Some courier services will even pick up your luggage at your door step and have it waiting for you at your destination, Be it a hotel or friend’s house.

    Airline Rewards or Credit Card Benefits:

    Most of the major airlines running reward points programs that allow you to accumulate points and redeem for benefits such as free checked luggage. Different reward levels allow you to check luggage for free. Some airlines also offer a co-branded credit card that can help you accrue reward points even faster.

    We all like to save a little money. We hope, these tips help you stay ahead of the game and avoid any luggage fees, giving you a little peace of mind.

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