10 Tech Related Travel Questions You Must Consider

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  • 10 Tech Related Travel Questions You Must Consider

    10 Tech Related Travel Questions You Must Consider

    Travel and technology goes hand in hand these days. Staying connected on the go, security apps, your favorite gear, and much more – traveling has become fun, safe and hassle-free. Here are 10 important technology related questions that you must consider before going on a trip.

    1. What gear should I buy?

    When you travel, the most suitable gear that you can buy is a Smartphone with decent features. In fact, it includes the functions of several gears, saving you good money. Just one Smartphone and you can have a decent camera to click both still photos and HD videos, have Internet connectivity, an eReader, good storage space, powerful battery, and can even be good to send emails and do bits of work on the go.

    2.Should I take a laptop or tablet to work on the go?

    To work on the go, laptop is a better choice anytime. A small-screened tablet, with only a handful of apps, processor speed and storage can be frustrating. Additionally, typing, sending important emails, printing documents, and copying files can also be less convenient in a tablet. Rather you can pick a lightweight laptop or hybrid device that makes working on the go expedient and hassle-free.

    3. The “one” gadget that I cannot leave home without?

    Undoubtedly, it has to be your Smartphone. It functions as you camera, navigation as well as help you stay connected always.        

    4. What are the top 5 travel apps that can help me save money and time?

    Triposo can be a good app to get detailed travel guide for free. For transport and accommodation bookings, Tripit is the app! Here Maps is one of the best offline maps software that can help you out anywhere, anytime. Know the accurate exchange rate with XE Currency or translate voice, photos and text with Google Translate. Most importantly, all these 5 apps work mostly offline.

    5. Is there a way to lock my laptop while traveling?

    Lock your pricey possession in your bag and keep it with you mostly. To protect valuable data on your device, use a strong password and full-disk encryption method. Make sure you have backup of your documents as well as travel insurance.

    6.How to charge my laptop or mobile on the go?

    If there is no power connection, keep your device in flight mode or turn down the brightness to minimum. Portable batteries may also help.

    7. Should I buy a new SIM in a new place or just get a local phone?

    An unlocked Smartphone can be a good choice where you can change your SIM card.

    8. How to protect my accounts when traveling?

    Google Authenticator on your Smartphone can be good to protect your email, bank account and others. Moreover, it does not need Internet to work.

    9. What are the ways to protect data while using Wi-Fi at public place?

    A powerful antivirus and VPN should be good enough.   

    10. Is there any hotel chain that offers high-speed Wi-Fi than others?

    Speed of Wi-Fi connectivity is pretty variable.

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