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, a collection of shoes for nearly 10 years of old friends, Saturday when asked director went to buy shoes limited. thought to see huge crowds of people long, the director has just sold Air Jordan found lying on the shelf No one shows any interest in 13. explosion models limited sneakers unexpectedly decline 70% in the direction to go before the old director of popularity, this pair of shoes was all stores Zhendian treasure, city are priceless. To the scene, the clerk said, what number directly said, basically. and director also found in Taobao, purchasing this pair of hands, the original price of 1399 yuan sold in less than the original shoes. old laments, now increasingly worthless shoes limited. at the beginning of the year, he spent 13000 yuan to buy the original price 1899 yuan Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350v2 "Zebra" (Bai Banma). at that time, this pair of shoes can be said to be a trendsetter standard, not to mention the Europe icon, domestic star Shawn Yue, deer Han, Yi Xi smelt one thousand, Ma Sichun also on the much sought after, ordinary people can only "hope map of thirst". The old side was splashed on the same day, with one foot in the circle of friends to dominate. Ma Sichun (left) & easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi (right) who knows after less than 4 months, this pair of shoes on sale replenishment. Now think of it, y cheap foamposites ou can get three thousand or four thousand. The overall price fell 65%-70%. director is really scared a stay, silently for the old wallet. Three seconds. volume, style surge, rare shoes limited , feel very confused: obviously AJ, YEEZY of these shoes is still a "limited edition", more fashionable to wear shoes is also more and the street, why they appear to decline, not sell? old director explained "the direction of the shoe ring road". is the primary reason for the change of volume. Take the white zebra, first sold in February, only Shanghai, Hongkong can buy China. A total of 200 stores in Shanghai sell double, the world would more than double. in June, Chinese has 16 city, 36 shops in the two sale of it. In Shanghai ICC Adidas shop, even 2 people bought 80 pairs of white zebra. shoe dealer in addition, consumers have more leeway in the style of choice. This is especially prominent in the Air Jordan series, Nike company before the sale only a few new shoes in a year, now every month, one to two pairs. Those non joint models or has no special meaning of ordinary AJ, and general merchandise is not what difference. in this case, the shoe dealers will naturally think these shoes investment risk increases, speculative price increases will reduce. Air Jordan 5 GS color: White/Sunblush-Black release date: 2017/9/2 type: 440892 Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale -115 price: $140 AIR JORDAN 11 LOW IE AIR JORDAN 11 LOW IE "FIRE RED " release date: 2017/9/23 price: $170 type: 919712-101 AIR JORDAN 11 LOW IE "MIDNIGHT NAVY " has been offering the sale time: price: $170 type: 919712-400 AIR JORDAN 13 GG "WOLF GREY " release date: 2017/8/26 color: Wolf Grey/White-Deadly Pink type: 439358-018 AIR JORDAN 5 RETRO release date: 2017/9/2 type: 136027-051 AIR JORDAN 6 "GATORADE" release date: 2017/10 price: $190 color: Summit White/Black-Team Orange type: 384664-145Adidas Originals by Originals in campaign under the guidance of renowned designer Jeremy Scott fought in, wait tirelessly, designed two new shoes: Nizza II Hi. The new shoes had Asian style, using the finest Kent cloth, a pair of shoes which body tattooed with "map", map tattoos fully embodies the designer's intentions. The new shoes are worth trying for the broad masses of shoes, and they are also a perfect embodiment of fashion trends. at the moment, we see the 2010 extremely rare and never sold "krypton stone" color matching Nike, Air, Max, Hyperize samples. The theme of inspiration continued in 2009 as NBA Nate Robinson won the dunk contest in krypton red spray explosion, vamp by electronic green artificial fabric and mesh material to build, decorate the black swoosh, ankle design, followed by Nike and Max Air in the bottom of jordans on sale mens the whole hand. The tongue at the "NR" logo in krypton like Shi Tianpen only color no logo version is the official version of great value. It was produced after the krypton stone Foamposite Lite, but it has never been officially released.After waking up, but also the NIKE Basketball 1992-2012: Twenty Designs that Changed the Game special feature of time this morning to send for you, is this year popularity continues to heat up the Nike Hyperdunk. Nike fly line technology to "fly" concept gives new strength. Nike Hyperdunk to the world's greatest architectural feat - one bridge to borrow inspiration, thereby opponent catch: to provide accurate support through the application of superior nylon filaments, like a cable on the bridge generally firm. Nike Hyperdunk only need to provide the necessary support material to do, in order to achieve a large area of ??weight loss. As long as Nike fly line technology against all the odds, the design team will make application in sufficient technology to become the focus, instead of the other shoe design. Another new Nike innovations --Nike Lunarlon technology, the design of basketball shoes also emerge as an important element to enhance performance. Nike Mag shoes also draws on design elements, that's a legend. While some American basketball player competition to Beijing to pick up former glory, Nike Hyp jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black erdunk also come to the fore on the world stage. This design of American basketball and prospects for, are significant. Source: Nike & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Before Chinese shoes Network September 20 hearing, in the next week (September 23) released first-quarter results, brokerage FBR Capital remains optimistic about Nike (NKE) shares, as compared to still-strong domestic athletic footwear cycle, The recent performance was driven by strong product channels, while emerging markets continue to bring awareness to expand diversified growth. With two weeks before the stock price to rise 11 percent, some positive factors were beginning to reflect the stock. The broker expects a solid product channels sneakers and clothing products is worth noting that progress should continue spawned revenue growth, at a fixed exchange rate basis, is expected to grow 9% global future orders.Air Jordan 1 Phat GS new exposure image an Retro jordans for sale d article information 2013-12-08 22:26:39 Breath Olympics is not over yet, before Jordan Brand has launched a variety of Olympic-related products and shoes, including platinum color shoes. The network exposure The Air Jordan 1 Phat GS White Matte Silver Metallic Gold shoes in the GS version also introduced platinum color, I believe that such a high temperature color will be favored by the majority of the girls. Now it's clear almost exposed image and article information, like friends expect it to come. Air Jordan 1 Phat GS Num: 454659-135The next step is to in the summer, first disclosed by Fujiwara Hirossyo's Levi's Fenom 2009 series of summer full of bright summer breath in logo. The fluorescent color of the color purple and green feel refreshing, is looking forward to this two Indigo tannin pants . Nike KD 6; "What The KD"; officially fully exposed in kind. The shoe body by Aunt Pearl, Energy, a Washington, liger peanut butter and jelly, the weatherman, all star, Texas City, the sale of color mix build, no detailed market information. 2014-3-20 upload and download the attachment at 10:32; (197.4, KB) Air Jordan 6 Retro "Infrared 23" will be sold at the weekend, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, of course there will b jordans on sale online e some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling point of transaction mechanism and the way to the store announcement please. Wuchang 23 a smile sports sports Reagan - Reagen Dayton eco sports goods million Yue source: Nike.comThe first double bottom has window design of the shoes - Air Max 1 1987 Nike advent of history, reveal the air cushion design undoubtedly at the time for the whole market investment shock, "can be seen that it began to affect the air we are familiar with the world of sports shoes. Over the years, the two from the legendary designer Tinker Hatfield's classic works after repeated revision, the new technology, however, believe that for many fans of shoes, in any case the original is always the most classic, so it coincides with the 30th anniversary anniversary, Nike Sportswear team launched a special Remaster program, hoping to reproduce the original Air Max 1 OG, lead you back to a time when the golden age. Nike headquarters staff refer to numerous design works of manuscripts, the original Air Max 1 Tinker Hatfield and previously launched, in order to find the so-called golden ratio, create the most close to the original style. After and after some discussion and decision, the Nike team will choose 2004 as the Japanese football team "Urawa Red Diamonds" as the theme of the launch cheap air jordans of Air Max 1 "Urawa" as a reference, according to the official said they think this color either toe shape, heel and other details have radian of the ideal profile. in the process of making the details are everywhere with a high standard of review, follow the original set tongue using three kinds of fabric production, reproduce flat shoes, in addition, the collar of the shoe heel and toe shape curve are also re adjusted the spacing between each shoe body pieces even in mm (mm) as a unit to calculate. To ensure that each project can reach the best state. The design team responsible for handling personnel and even the use of fabric microscope to observe carefully the details of the original shoes, such as mesh material, workmanship and strive to create a thread, closest to the Air Max 1 OG shoes. through the Remaster plan to create the Air Max 1 'Anniversary', the United States will launch white and red style in March 4th, launched in March 11th white blue style, priced at $140. Taiwan if there is news we will update with listed listed on the report. source: NikeNike KOBE A.D. NXT first wave two colors Taiwan area in April 3rd in a particular store point of sale, the price of 6600 yuan. Nike Basketball Taiwan has also been published in the Facebook store, intends to start prospecting shoe please refer to the following links in the ac buy cheap jordans online tual information, selling way and place to store transaction mechanism please announcement, more shoes can also be listed on the news information reporting of listed reference station. Nike KOBE A.D. NXT "Volt" in addition, the Taiwan district official website will also be available online at 9 in the morning of April 3rd. adidas Originals NMD from the end of last year after the advent of the first fusion elements from the classic double sample shoes to work as a starting point, all kinds of types of subsequent off stage for the daily life of footwear to create many new ideas, the "NMD" has not only represent certain shoes but formed a series but, again recently have new blood to join, NMD Runner inherited part of the shoe body structure, serrated enabled outdoor activities boots common outsole, durability is enhanced, the type of earth color matching plastic Outdoor Lifestyle new style. The date and price of the sale will be officially announced. source: Sole CollectorCall on all girls to become #adigirls girls adidas to the women's movement leading brand position, continue to enhance women's professional sports, this year held in Adidas x Jolin 2014 new concept of women to declare a press conference, on the whole Taiwan movement index Adidas flagship store to create a "Declaration of loyalty and filial piety beauty" era, the air jordan 11 space jam for sale new generation of female sexual life attitude to convey the beauty of "#adigirls girl" will be in force system; Adidas and Jolin became the seal force system and the captain, and the first batch of Taiwan to join "#adigirls beautiful girl" department team, together to promote the concept of force, call girls so beautiful and full bloom strength! adidas and Jolin Jolin jointly declared new female concept "#adigirls beauty girl" sealed Jolin force system became the captain of force system Adidas spokesman Jolin Jolin in the women's movement, the press conference announced a new generation of beauty is multifaceted, beauty is not only the beautiful appearance, including personal practice, to create the ideal in the life of their own, both beautiful and strength, is the pursuit of the new attitude of modern women. When it comes to Jolin Jolin to annotate their "beauty", Jolin said: "I to the beauty of the perfect insist, whether public and private sphere, always ask yourself to reach 120 points, put the best! "Adidas and Jolin believe that new generations of women have their own" beauty "traits, and each girl can be a #adgirls beauty girl! Jolin Jolin has always been a girl spirit in the field by the adidas index, and the official seal to become "#adgirls beauty force system captain" press conference, Jolin Jolin hopes that through a strong a jordan 3 katrina 2018 ppeal, continue to promote "the new concept of #adigirls force system beautiful girl", while Jolin Adidas flagship store loyalty filial piety scene also cover star fingerprints. Wearing the captain's armband symbol, later will be declared and women's movement leading brand Adidas, to call all the girls to become "beautiful girl" #adigirls force system! United States Force Captain Jolin accepted the "#adigirls beauty department girl", the first batch of team members advocated full bloom girl "beautiful force", welcome more challenges to the future for the United States force system leader Jolin has also launched a comprehensive team feature selection activities, the site Adidas and invited to participate in the first batch of levy election "#adigirls beautiful girl" at the Department of girls, and the girls play challenge dance training video interview, Captain Jolin personally by Captain Jolin in addition to the acceptance of the results; professional guidance girl how to show "beauty" in the dance on the external force characteristics, and prepared "#adigirls beautiful girls: earlier, with the shoes of those who have been mentioned in Hongkong shoes exhibition has been using THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME in the name of warm! This exhibition open up a fresh outlook by HK-KICKS.COM and HYSAN PLACE and the exhibition venue and Lee theatre Plaza to join ENTERBAY collecting exhibits content and display methods are quite general, first of all the shoes and Jersey unusual items, led by a number of players and shoes edition Autographed edition skincare collection, Jersey is built by ENTERBAY a portrait of 1:1 for display, more rare is the body parts are best known to reproduce the heroic star. How can this exhibition less Michael Jordan, the influence of modern basketball and the history of the most profound sneaker players say to hold up half the sky of the exhibition, to exhibit here do not need or more exposure, definitely worth a visit to your site. Regional retired Kobe Bryant exhibits more anxiety more so, at the same time by two different styles of shirts which Kobe Bryant led the show, at the time to let him have a wealth of Olympic related USAB color shoes, is the focus of the project must focus on the visit. , the hottest Stephen Curry in recent years, has joined two older brothers to greet all the people who have come to see them outdoors in a signed gesture. site also has 360 SLAM DUNK games, as long as the HYSAN and PLACE provide exhibition hall Lee theatre Plaza in electronic consumer HKD$100 can GIF your experience of 20 dynamic camera, as long as the SCAN QR CODE can store your files. weekend Hysan Place 4 floor air garden with 90 seconds shooting challenge, won the 10 record holder can leave your name in the memorial mall, while the top 3 highest record can get a special edition 1:9 NBA star doll as a reward (including Michael Jordon, Allen Iverson 888 even numbered certificate signature PSA certificate and Dennis Rodman. PSA even Autographed certificate) atrium, there are ENTERBAY, NBA, SERIES, 1:6/, 1:9 exhibits, as well as POP, UP, STORE, want to bring back the same as the scene of super realistic like, no problem! exhibition information The movement has become popular in the wind into the trend, this trend is booming, after Under Armour since last year launched a fashion sport Under Armour Sportswear, will continue to breed in this fashion in the new light movement, recently launched a new brand again Lifestyle shoes Threadborne Shift. Under Armour Threadborne Shift uses many elements of modern design, simple style, sock neat appearance, appear very modern sense. Configuration UA emphasizes shoe money to be able to be worn easily take off, at the same time bottom used FlexFit science and technology, make when wearing can get excellent comfortableness. Under Armour Threadborne Shift is expected to be on sale in April in 27, priced at $95, with black, white, grey and green four. If there is any further information to follow, we will report it to you again. source: Sneaker Newsadidas was previously inspired by the serpent's XENO, making it a sparkling effect. Since the prior to the application of the ZX Flux, Superstar Metro and Attitude, Adidas in the day before the publication of this concept extends to the basketball shoes on. adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-2adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-2 adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-3adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-3 brand new 'Iridescent' series of shoes, respectively, to D Rose 6 Boost and D Lillarde 1 as the main characters, uppers are mesh to build, and hidden reflection effect. After careful appreciation can be found in the details on the use of XENO material, which has colorful appearance, symbol of animal prey at night during flashing eyes, when you're on the pitch also represents an absence, will immediately be Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard behind. D Rose 6, Boost, and D Lillarde 1 will be on sale at, Foot, Locker and Eastbay at 11/27, USA, at $140 and $105 yuan. D Rose 6 Boost adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-4adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-4 adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-5adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-5 adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-6adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-6 D Lillard 1 adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-7adidas-basketball-xeno-iridescent-pack-7 adidas-basketball〉